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The following examples have been sent to us from our valued customers.
If you would like to add your photo(s) to the Gallery, send us an email with your photo(s) attached.
Please include a description for each photo that you send.

C. Miller
C. Miller
28" Custom Bear & Cabin design.
Bear in the Woods-a Liberty Homestead pattern
Love my hanger, thank you.

V. Seifert
V. Seifert
Custom 34" Bear design.
Thank you for the hanger.
I Love it.
J. Belhumer
J. Belhumer
This quilt was made to decorate our condo
in a southwest theme.

The quilt is about 46 inches square
and it's all handsewn.
C. Clark
Thanks so much for the quick turn around for my custom hooks-they are wonderful!
The quilt is a tribute to my family members who have served or are serving in the military. My father-in-law, a Marine, served in WWII in the South Pacific he passed away this past  year on Sept 11th. My father served
stateside as a Marine during Korea, my nephew joined the Navy in 1988 and served in Desert Storm and both Iraq and Afghanistan and is an officer now.
My son is a Midshipman at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis in his Youngster/Sophomore year and plans to service select Marines in his Firstie/Senior year.

Thanks for helping us make this a
special wall hanging in our house!

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Wild Horse Hanger
D. Baxter
42” Custom Wild Horses quilt hanger – black finish
Dog Hooks
J. Currier
2 dog hooks – black finish

Eagle quilt
C. Clark - Eagle quilt
40” Custom 3-d Eagle quilt hanger - black finish

Caine's Quilt Hanger
Caine Quilt
44” Custom Horse/Cabin quilt hanger – rust finish
Thank you for your fine product.
My wife and I are very happy with them.

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Baranczyk Quilt
34 ½” Custom Bear quilt hanger – black finish
A bear in the mountains quilt.
The pattern is Adirondack wall hanging.
Your quilt hanger really makes it shine for me.
Thanks so much!
C.Knott Quilt
26” Custom Pickup Truck quilt hanger – black finish
Just wanted to say thank you for the custom
pick-up truck quilt hanger. It turned out great!!
Here's a picture of it with our Halloween quilt on it.
My son really likes it.

Davis Quilt
E. Davis
32 ½” Custom Dog quilt hanger – rust finish
You made a custom dog quilt hanger for my lab quilt.
I really enjoy the hanger you made for me!
Boquist Quilt
S. Boquist
39 ½” Custom 3-D Wild Horses quilt hanger – rust finish
This is a quilt made for my granddaughter
and her love of horses.

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Buss Quilt
M. Buss
31” Custom 3-D Moose/Cabin quilt hanger – black finish
Here is a picture of the quilt hanger with the quilt that my friend made for me. I had mentioned that
we don't have a window in our bathroom and she created this "window" for me.

I thought the cabin theme of the hanger went
perfectly with the quilted window! Thanks again!

Witkowsky Quilt
2 Moose hooks with telescoping rod – rust finish
This is a crazy quilt made by my husband's sister.
Our 20 year old son was killed in a car accident 15 months ago. She took clothes from him and
our family members to create this quilt.

Much of the quilting material represents the
activities he was involved in such as moto cross,
hockey, baseball, snow boarding, camping, fishing
and golf as well as sheets saved from Batman,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other loves
that were part of his life such as his dog and cats.

The moose hangers represent his love of the
outdoors and wild life and brings the quilt together
and are exactly what we were searching for when
we decided to hang the quilt.

Spinning Lone Star
N. Baranczyk
"Spinning Lone Star" by N. Baranczyk with two star hooks designed for this quilt.
Williams Quilt with Hanger
M. Williams
The quilt is called the Pine Forrest. It was made by my Aunt about 25 years ago (she is now 88 years old and still loves to quilt). She wanted the colors to
represent the change of seasons, especially autumn.
The wall art is the perfect compliment.

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L. Hurley
L. Hurley
  26" Custom leaf design
I love my quilt rack and put up with a
John Flynn quilt class project.

B. Stockton
B. Stockton
Used 2 Kokopelli hooks and a telescoping rod
for her southwest kokopelli quilt.
L. Wilson
L. Wilson
3-D Custom Wild Horses design.
This is the Wild Horses quilt I made and my husband strung lots of beads and shaped the manes and tails of the horses.  All in all, we're thrilled with the results.

Photo Gallery - S. Porter
S. Porter, Aus.
34" Teapots and Teacups quilt hanger.
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W Frontado
W. Frontado
What a fabulous accent to my son's wallhanging! 
The artwork in both pieces blends to make
an outstanding presentation! 
I can't thank you enough!

Y Hoffman
Y. Hoffman
Custom Wolves design.
This quilt was made by my aunt and
the hanger you made. I love it and thank you
for the hanger it's great.

S Nesslock
S. Nesslock
Custom Setter on Point design.
Thank you for making the perfect hanger
for a special quilt!!!

Photo Gallery - S Belhumer
S. Belhumer
I have had this quilt for more than 6 months
trying to find the PERFECT hanger to display it...
well I definitely found it....It looks great...Thanks.
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W. Frontado
Putney Ghost
Thank you so much for the creativity and
workmanship that made the rising ducks
such a fabulous complement to the swan
wall hanging I made for my Mum.

E. Fredrick
E. Frederick
36" Custom Moose design
The name of the quilt is Moose Crossing. 
I couldn't be happier! 
What beautiful work you do.
L. Thompson
L. Thompson
Custom quilt hooks.
Thank you so much for the
custom grape leaves
that you made me and my husband.
We've decorated our home in a
"Purple Tuscan" theme.

L. Thompson
L. Thompson
Custom Grape Leaf Quilt Hangers.
The family room is a different hue than the dining room. The family room wall is so very large that this is the first time that anything has ever been put on this wall. The dining room has a very large table and china cabinet that look almost black in photos so the tabards that we created to go on the hangers we bought at the show turned out perfect.  Thank you so much.

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R. Post
R. Post
Custom Southwest Quilt Hanger.
Here is a photo of the Southwest quilt hanger
you made for me. Thanks, R. Post.

P. Chandler
P. Chandler
Custom Wild Horse quilt hanger
It is a birthday gift to my boss and
I'm sure he is going to absolutely love it.
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