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The following examples have been sent to us from our valued customers.
If you would like to add your photo(s) to the Gallery, send us an email with your photo(s) attached.
Please include a description for each photo that you send.

E. Miller
E. Miller

20" Custom Leaf/vine hanger.
I am VERY happy with the way it turned out.

V. Shortino-Eagle
V. Shortino

C. McIntosh
C. McIntosh

Huge success! Yesterday we put up your incredible quilt hanger in our cabin and then hung my quilt. Turned out perfectly!!! Thank you so much for your assistance on the hanging hardware and your beautiful work on the hanger. We love it so much!!! Attached are 2 photos so you can see how well everything worked. Thanks again.

J. Skeen
J. Skeen

Here are a couple of pictures of my music quilt
that I hung today at my son's home.


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M. Barlett-1
M. Bartlett

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful metal art you created for us. We absolutely LOVE it! We could hardly wait to get it installed over the granite slab behind our wood-burning stove.

It really gave it that finishing touch the granite so desperately needed. It looks fantastic, and fit perfectly! We knew that (unfortunately) the stove pipe from the stove would block part of the design while looking at it straight on, but when standing at other angles in the room, one can see the entire design.

M. Barlett-2
M. Bartlett

Therefore, the photos I have taken simply don't do it justice. In some ways, having the stove pipe in front of it makes it more "interesting", because the design is constantly changing, depending on where one is standing in the room.

It is a wonderful conversation piece.
C. Waingrow
C. Waingrow

C. Waingrow
C. Waingrow
Thank you so much for making this for me, it's perfect! It's a perfect mate to the wolf hanger.
Thanks again for your hard work.
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T.  Dowdee

Once again, thanks for such great service!!
You are the best!! I've attached the photos of the Liberty Quilt with the wall hanger. 
As you can see it rocks! I am so pleased!

Again, what a pleasure doing business
with your company!

R. Muir MacKellar

I finally finished the quilt to go with it.
I love your racks and your workmanship is excellent.
The rack makes the quilt for sure! 
Falling Leaves, 38w x 71h. 
It is based upon a real tree in our sugar bush.
The tree is named Tall Tom. It just won a blue ribbon in the Borderline Quilter's Quilt Show.

K. Iandoli

47" Custom USA Quilt Hanger for the quilt
made by C. Garza

R. Young

The moose wall hanging & rack finally found a home
on a finished wall at our home in Montana

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R. Post
R. Post

Custom 3D Desert scene quilt hanger.

R. Post
R. Post

This is the first item you see as you walk in
my front door. Thanks so much, love this piece.

V. Kirkland

I love, love, love the "Blessed are the Piecemakers"
quilt hanger. I've included a picture for your photo album of my first crazy quilt, hanging with pride,
from your design. Thank you!!

M. Dickey

Thank you both so much for making my quilt hanger.
It turned out great.
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A. Courteau

I was more than pleased with my custom quilt hanger. This is now a very proud presentation of a quilt kachina mask wall hanging for my grandson and his wife at their wedding. As an avid mask collector and artist I feel confident that he will appreciate our efforts. Thank you.

C. Butler

We were so happy to display a quilt made by my husband's grandmother in a quilting bee over 90 years ago and the iron quilt hooks brought the entire piece together. It all added the soft color and charm that we were looking for in our remodeled room.

L. Kerrick

The wall hanging is a gift for my husband after an anniversary trip to Mesa Verde.

V. Peterson

Here is how they look! Thank you again!

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D. Mitchell
D. Mitchell

Custom Deer Quilt Hanger

Karen Shaffer
K. Shaffer

Hummingbird Hanger

Florence Jones
F. Jones

Custom Deer Hanger

M. Luke
M. Luke

The attached quilt was made from a kit that I embellished with lots of buttons instead of quilting. I wanted something to hang over my sewing machine in my sewing room. I think your hanger sets it off perfectly.

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K. Collins
K. Collins

Horse Hanger with Wild Girl Quilt

K. Collins
K. Collins

Wild Horses Hanger with Earth, Wind and Fire Quilt

J. Bent - Hawaiian
J. Bent

Custom Hawaiian scene hanger. I absolutely loved the other custom hangers you did for me; here are the pictures of the finished/hanging product.

J. Bent - Witch
J. Bent

Custom Witch and Moon quilt hanger with 2-Tone finish.

J. Bent - Hula
J. Bent

Custom Hawaiian Hula Quilt hooks

E. Miller
E. Miller

I finally finished with my painting and wanted to send you the picture of the wall with your custom rods. I am so very, very happy with them!

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