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The following examples have been sent to us from our valued customers.
If you would like to add your photo(s) to the Gallery, send us an email with your photo(s) attached.
Please include a description for each photo that you send.

Kathy Bleyer
K. Bleyer

Here it is finally up. It is a little top heavy so we had to use small nails in the header to keep it flat against the wall along with some sticky hangers. Can't thank you enough for the great design!!

E. Williams

I just received my quilt hanger AND I LOVE IT!!!!

Kathy Bleyer
H. Warwick

My friend took my advice and ordered a hummingbird hanger from you. I gave her the wall hanging I made as a going away gift when she moved I just love the way the two pieces complement each other.

A. Belczak.jpg
A. Belczak

Wanted to share this pic of recently purchased quilt hanger. It turned out beautiful . Thank you for the excellent workmanship and service. I would highly recommend your work.

S. Wood
S. Wood

F. Detry
F. Detry

L. Balcomb
L. Balcomb

R. Young
R. Young

J. Mees

Barbara Wray
B. Wray

Love my new quilt hanger.

N. Baranczyk - Moose
N. Baranczyk

Here it is!!! Looks great with the moose hooks!!

Janice Myers
J. Myers

This is the first applique quilt my mom (J. Myers) made, entitled "Late Bloomers". While she has made many quilts over the years, this will always hold a special place in my heartbecause it is one of her last quilts.

Teresa Ritenour
T. Ritenour

Thank you!!! I love it!!!

A. Henke
A. Henke

We are totally thrilled - my husband just like me!
The hangers are so beautiful!
Even it is complex and expensive.

D. Watson
D. Watson

I made this wall hanging for my sister this past Christmas. She lives part time in Houston near her oldest daughter and grandchildren, and part time near Philadelphia with her youngest daughter and her other grandchildren. My sister and I, along with our 4 brothers and 3 other sisters, grew up in western Montana, and regularly saw bear cubs, sometimes up a tree. I made this as a reminder of growing up in the wild west.
And your hanger added to the display.

J. Belhumer

Here’s my cactus wall hanging with just the perfect hanger. Everyone loves it! Just right for Arizona.
A. Lineger
A. Lineger

The 2018 row by row kits were from 35th Ave Fabric World Sew & Vac in the Phoenix, AZ area.
One is called Music of the Southwest II and the other Music of the Southwest III.

P. Calderon
P. Calderon

Attached is my picture of the Petroglyph quilt hanger that I purchased. I really like it. The quilt I am displaying is a collection of my husband's favorite t-shirts. 

N. Baranczyk

I received the beautiful rust flower hooks and rod,
and love the way they look with my latest "buzz saw" wall hanging. Thanks again for such wonderful quilt hangars!!

S. Remington
S. Remington

Thank you so much for your beautiful hooks and hanger. We are proudly displaying my husband's ribbon quilt.

M. Hanson
M. Hanson

16 inch hummingbird quilt hanger!
It is beautiful!

L. McCoy
L. McCoy

Love the hummingbird hanger.
Perfect fit.

J. Blasig
J. Blasig

We love it! It looks awesome in his study.
I made the quilt for his birthday.
We love to travel to the national parks.

J Songer
J. Songer

J Severson
J. Severson

“Ellie” displayed in my sewing room!

Shea Summer Back Door
B. Shea

This is my back door.
The quality of your work is excellent.
Love your hangers.

A. Zimmer

Dance of the Dragonflies from JoAnn Hoffman
Sewn and quilted by Andrea Zimmer
Meinewah, Germany 2020

S. Montag
S. Montag

My husband and I put up the hanger within an hour of receiving it. We LOVE it! We live in Castle Pines, CO and our guest room is CO themed so the quilt hanger is the perfect addition!

The quilt is the very first one my grandmother made -
I am guessing in the 1970's. It was recently given to me by my mother. It is a treasure and I couldn't be any happier to have it displayed on such a gorgeous quilt hanger! Because of the lighting in the room, the picture does not do the quilt hanger justice-it is absolutely fabulous!! It would be an honor to be included.

S. Pearson - Horse
S. Pearson

16" Horse/Fence Design Hanger
with my 19" by 22" horse quilt "Royal"
temporarily hung as it is to be a gift.

S. Pearson-Bears
S. Pearson

38" Bear with Mountain Quilt Hanger with my patriotic Heart Flags quilt. This now hangs in my entry hall and the quilt will change with the seasons and holidays.
Love it — Thanks!!

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