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Time flies! Can we just say that is one of life’s true understatements! It seems like yesterday that Summer Sky Creations was just a dream. 

In 2007 we had this wonderful idea of starting a business making quilt hangers
and here we are in our 6th year of business!

It’s been an exciting adventure and each year has been that much better. 
  Birgitte Hipple, Summer Sky Creations

One of the greatest benefits from all of this has been the customers we’ve met along the way. They have been an inspiration and a joy to get to know. I wanted to say thank you for these first 5 years and am looking forward to many more to come.

Well, if you’re anything like me, the number of unfinished projects and projects not yet begun, seem to outnumber the number of finished projects. Of course, every time I go to another quilt show or stop in at a another quilt shop, I find another pattern I just can’t live without; or I find that fabric that I’m just not sure what I’m going to do with, but I must have.  I’m just sure I’ll find the right pattern to go with my new fabric!

But isn’t that what makes this so much fun? New fabrics, new patterns and creating that new quilt. Well, we have a whole new year ahead of us, an opportunity for us to add to our stash of fabrics, and to add to that box of patterns we have yet to try. And, I hope that when you create that next quilt, you will consider letting us create a quilt hanger for you.

Happy Quilting!

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Quilt Hangers, Hooks and Rods

Summer Sky Creations provides quality decorative metal art quilt hangers to enhance the display of your quilts and heirloom pieces and provides an innovative way to display your own work of art.

Our standard quilt hangers come in a variety of design themes and sizes.   Check out our ever expanding designs currently available.   Individual quilt hooks have been created as an alternative to the full landscape design quilt hangers and offer a more subtle alternative.  These quilt hooks can be purchased separately, in sets or you can mix and match designs.

Summer Sky Creations specializes in creating a custom design tailored to your specific quilt.   If you don’t see a design or size that fits your quilt, let us design a custom hanger for you.   Your quilt hanger can be as unique as your wallhanging when we design for you. Contact us and we’ll be glad to see if we can provide exactly what you need.

Our quilt hangers are designed for hanging quilts that have a rod pocket (sleeve) attached or include sewn tabs for your quilt.  The quilt hangers and hooks are offered in two distinctive finishes:  black and rust.  The black finish adds a classic yet neutral look.  While the rust hangers and hooks are all individually rusted providing exceptional color variations and marbling.  Each is then covered with a clear finish. 

Summer Sky Creations is a small business wanting to provide you with affordable and unique quilt hangers.  We use 18 gauge steel and all items are handcrafted in the U.S.A.  Summer Sky Creations is owned and operated by Birgitte Hipple, located in New River, AZ.

We hope you enjoy our designs.  Thank you for visiting our web site and come back often to see what’s new. 

Birgitte Hipple
Summer Sky Creations

  All quilt hangers can be customized
to fit your quilt. Contact Us.

16-inch Quilt Hanger
16-inch Quilt Hangers
holds quilts up to 14-inches
26-inch Quilt Hanger
26-inch Quilt Hangers
holds quilts up to 24-inches

38-inch Quilt Hanger
38-inch Quilt Hangers
holds quilts up to 36-inches

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